A Guide To Guaranteed Success

October 16, 2019



What does being successful mean to you? Does it mean having a ton of money? A nice car? A huge house? Perhaps it just means doing something every day that you truly love. Whatever success means to you, the advice below will help you to ensure you achieve it. 

Write Out What You Want To Achieve

First of all, write out what you would like to achieve. When you write it down, it sets things ‘into stone’, almost. Try to be as detailed as you can, and make sure you feel excited about what you’ve written. You can then leave it somewhere you can glance over it each day to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. It should spur you on! 

Break It All Down Into Baby Steps

Try not to think of things as big, huge leaps from A-D. Instead, break all of the steps you have to take down into tiny, bite size chunks. This way, you’ll see that things are far more manageable than you initially though, and you can take tiny steps towards reaching your goals each day. If you skip this step, you’ll likely end up procrastinating. 

Make Sure You Align Your Actions With That Of A Person Who Has What You Want

Your actions should line up with that of a person who has what you want. This means stepping into the personality of that person, wearing what they would wear, working on your skills, and so on. The infographic below can help you to get started! 

credit to STL

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