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February 25, 2019


I’ve only just passed my driving test and got a car, I learned to drive over the summer, so it was always sunny, dry and light outside. Now that the nights are getting lighter, I’ve gotten a more excited to be able to go one long drives. Regular maintenance and safety checks are important, especially when going long distance.

Fuel Tank

Keeping your fuel tank filler with more fuel than you expect to need is a good idea in case of unexpected delays or having to take an alternative route due to bad weather. Condensation can form in the empty part of your gas tank, and in the winter, that condensation can freeze, ice your fuel lines and cause no-start conditions. Since you can’t control the ethanol content or how your vehicle’s engine will respond to it, the best way to minimize condensation and avoid problems caused by freezing fuel lines is to keep your tank more than half full in the winter.

Keeping your distance

When on the road, stopping distances can be 10 times longer in ice and snow. To avoid rear-end collisions or more serious accidents, it’s important to increase the space between your vehicle and the car in front. When in the summer months it’s fine to use the regular stopping distance.

Check your tyres

The minimum legal limit for a tyre tread is 1.6mm but for winter it is recommended your tyre tread is 3mm. The best way to ensure this is top have specialist winter tyres fitted to your car. The specialist tyres will improve handling and braking efficient. I must point out that for winter tyres to be effective the temperature needs to be below 7 degreed centigrade which of course it often is in winter. you can buy tyres in Stirling from Fife Stirling Autocentre.


The best thing to do when driving on ice or snow is to keep your speed as reduced as possible, the speed limit of an areas can often be too fast. The chances of skidding is greater and your stopping distance will increase greatly. It is also important to avoid sharp steering, harsh braking and acceleration.


Using your air conditioning in your car helps remove moisture from the air which of course is a good thing in the cold winter months. The outcome of this is that it keeps your windshield and widows keep clear from steam and frost. It can also prevent mold and bacteria in the air vents forming from the excess moisture winter brings by drying it out.Make your cars warm and cosy.


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