Throw THE Best New Years Eve Party

December 20, 2018


New years eve is the most anticipated time of the year for some. Planning has to go on that far in advance, that some people are planning the next year literally as they see the new year in! But we get why, because it is one of the busiest times of the year.

Even the small village pubs are rammed full of people who are looking to celebrate the new year in style…by that we mean get absolutely hammered. Because if there was one time of year that had a big excuse for it, it was new years eve. You’re sort of let off the hook. Unless you work in health care or public services, you most likely will have the next day off, and everyone is just filled with so much joy. You walk the streets and people are shouting happy new year, and you merrily sing the song of Auld Lang Syne that nobody has a clue what the words are. So this year, we think the attention should be round your home. We think you can easily throw the best new years eve party with our tips below, and make sure that everyone goes out with a bang!

It Has The Be Fun

If you’re going to throw a new years eve party, it can’t just be everyone sat around the TV waiting to see the new year in. We get that when people arrive they might stay seated for a while, but that should just be the warm up. The best way to make this night fun, is to play the many different drinking or none drinking games that you can play. Pie face has always proved to be a popular one, Google it if you don’t know what it is! But yes, you don’t have to have alcohol present to have a good time, you just have to get everyone moving and interacting! But of course, for a lot of your alcohol will be the main event, and there are plenty of games that you can play to get the party going. One of our personal favourites is beer pong. Usually everyone is rubbish, apart from that one uncle who seems to have been training for it his whole life. So it is a get drunk quick game, and then the party is really flowing. Music is essential as well, make sure you keep the tunes flowing to keep people on their feet and moving!

It Has To Be For Everyone

You have to make sure you cater for everyone, and the one way we think this is done best is through the food. As soon as the food is put out, everyone flocks around. But you have to think about allergies and religion. You can get all sorts of halal food, for example halal sausages, and of course you know that there’s a massive vegan range for all of those non meat eaters that you might have invited. You also need to cater for the people who aren’t drinking. Perhaps you could do some mocktails so they have a tasty drink that isn’t just your average glass of squash!

Don’t Let People Peak Too Early!

A final little note, don’t let people peak too early! The last thing you want is people going home early because you’ve taken the drinking games too far!! Spread the night out, and have a mixture of relaxation and chatting, and a bit of drinking fun.

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