A British Get away.

October 10, 2018


For any native of any country having a holiday in the same country might seem a tad boring – particularly if that country is a small island. And where Britain is a relatively small island, it is full of great places to go – and a surprising variety of places.

From bustling cities to tiny villages, from dolphins and seals to foxes and deer. Forests, beaches, glens and moors cover all the land between each town, village and city. And everywhere is filled with history. Britain is one of the oldest countries with some of the richest history in the world, and there is still so much of it to see today.


Unfortunately, for all those going to London hoping to hear the bells of Big Ben, he is currently out of commission while being fixed. But this tiny disappointment is nothing compared to rest of the city you can still explore. History is found in droves through the string of museums and galleries, the Houses of Parliament are perfectly viewed from the London Eye, and who doesn’t want to visit Buckingham Palace? If that’s not your thing, then head to the West End for some of the best theatre you’ll ever see, or to Soho to go to some fantastic bars and restaurants. Beating that, Chelsea is your best bet for designer shopping or head to the famed Camden Market for a little bit of everything.


Being one of the truly Roman cities left in England, along with Royal Leamington Spa and a few others, Bath is a fantastic place to visit. Not only can you visit the roman Baths and the Bath Abbey, but you can also sample some of the best food around at the many five star restaurants. Self-catering ideas from Bath Holiday Rentals will easily put you in the midst of the 5,000 Georgian buildings, the chic coffee shops, and the unique Bath waters.

Brecon Beacons

But perhaps you’d like something a bit more rolling countrysides and spectacular sights? Then why not head across the border into Wales and head south to the Brecon Beacons. Craig-Y-Nos Castle is one of the most well-known, dog-friendly castles in Wales. It’s situated against some of the most beautiful scenery, perfect for hiking, morning walks and imagine yourself in a Jane Austen novel.


Back in England, Brighton is the home of culture and diversity. Walking along the street, or down Brighton pier, you’ll see the most amazing coffee shops, pop-up stores and fantastic people. The city itself is beautiful, and the nightlife is one of the best, but you can get a real sense of the heart of this city through its theatres, street-artists and quirky boutiques.


Perhaps slightly predictable, but it is one of the greatest places in Scotland to visit – although Glasgow might disagree. The rolling hills of the Highlands have no match anywhere in the world. But Edinburgh is the place the first King of Scotland claimed as his home. And as you walk through this mighty city you can tell it was built to last. Edinburgh Castle stands overlooking the city, and the straight mile down the street leads you to the more modern Palace. It really is the city of Kings.

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