A Shoestring Budget: Bank Balance Boost Ideas For Those Studying

September 28, 2018


School, college, and uni will be one of the best times of your life; it’ll also be one of the busiest. You’ll have new friends to hang out with, lectures to attend, study to complete, extra curricular clubs and societies to be a part of (the list goes on), so it can be a challenge to find the time to help fund your education. You’ll need that extra cash to be able to eat regularly (not just pizza), enjoy your (limited) free time, and make it home every now and again to see the family (especially your mum). The following are some tips and ideas for those who need a little boost in their income, while they enjoy a fulfilling and hectic life, studying.


Some Extra Money Through More Work

A flexible job in a retail store (hello Topshop discount) or a coffee shop is a great way to boost your income during term time, and something you’ll be able to continue during your holiday if you so wish. Getting a job in one of your favourite places to shop will also come with the perks of a staff discount on items; so you’ll be saving cash in more ways than one. If you decide to serve in a cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant; they’ll often provide you with a free meal and drink when you’re there, so utilise your shift and save money at the supermarket on the way back home.

There’s also an array of great ways to earn cash using your laptop. Everything from a decent CMC Markets platform, to a reputable paid-surveys site can be at your fingertips, and providing you with a super-flexible option to boost your income. Look into roles within your university or college; perhaps the library needs staff, or the onsite gym needs a receptionist during the weekends and evenings. Working where you study will ensure that you’ll have a short commute and your employers will understand when it’s time for busy periods of study and cramming, and will be more lenient with your time off. Remember that you want your job role to fit around your studies, and not the other way around so that you’re not compromising the effort you put into everything.

A Smart Approach To Cutting Back And Saving

Make sure you do yourself a weekly budget and try to stay within it so that you don’t run out of cash and have to call mum for a loan every month. Keep an eye on your bank balance and question any unusual activity, and know when it’s time to curb your spending habits so that you can pay your rent and get those books you need. Then, you can totally head out for some retail therapy, without guilt. Always avoid credit and store cards whenever you can; you’ll only be tempted to break up your studies with a little late night online shopping, so don’t give yourself the temptation.

If you have money coming in from your part time job, a student loan, or your parents; try to think long term and save as much as you can. You want to leave with a qualification and not worry about paying things back all the time when you should be concentrating on your new career and your life ahead. And, you’ll have a killer autumn wardrobe in the meantime.

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