Different Types of Teaching Roles to Pursue

September 24, 2018


Many of us end up in dead end jobs, where we can often feel that we are simply completing someone else’s administrative tasks in order to allow them to excel and shine themselves. This can be pretty down heartening. After all, we generally want to make an impact in life ourselves! So, if you’re looking for a career change and want to pursue a truly rewarding career, you might want to consider teaching. Teaching allows you to nurture the minds of future generations. You endow little ones with knowledge and skills that can set them up for a lifetime, allowing them to flourish and prosper in their own lives. You also experience change and variety, as no two sets of students will ever be the same, and you can really put in the effort to get to know how to best educated a wide variety of individuals with different habits and preferences. The best part? Teachers are always in high demand, as children always need to be educated, making your job particularly secure. You also generally benefit from a good salary, extended vacation (as children have longer vacations than most adults are offered), and some sort of pension scheme. So, if this sounds good to you, it’s time to start deciding what area of teaching you want to get involved in. Here are just a few to consider!


Elementary education spans the ages of children as young as five or six to children on the cusp of adolescence, at twelve or thirteen years old. Of course, this is an extremely influential stage of a child’s development to be involved with. These individuals are still developing personalities, tastes, and preferences, so your main aim is to teach them the basics in a wide variety of subjects that they can then begin to specialise in at a later date. Of course, individuals’ needs are likely to change dramatically through these years, so most individuals looking at Teaching Jobs associated with this level, tend to focus on particular age groups. This allows you to better suit the specific needs of the particular age group you are catering to.


If you want to head in at the top end of the educational system, you may want to lecture at universities. This role allows you to teach and work alongside some of the most accomplished minds in society. However, you do have to achieve further qualifications in order to teach at this level. After all, the general consensus is that a teacher should be better educated and more qualified than their pupils. So, in order to land a position within a university, you are going to have to undertake a PhD. This generally takes three to four years, but the position you could acquire at the end should be more than worth the effort, time, and finances involved.

These are just two different teaching roles that you could pursue. Each lies at the opposite end of a spectrum, but in either you are bound to improve the lives of countless students!

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