The Boring Prep Before Travelling

August 14, 2018


Following on from my last post,Going traveling, whether it’s for a week, a month or a year, is an amazing thing that everyone should experience at least once in the lives. The fun planning comes into play when you’re deciding on where to go, what to see and do, and even who to go with. The not so fun stuff follows those decisions, like how are you funding your travels, what do you need to do to ensure your own safety, and what do you do with all the boring, day-to-day stuff back home. And if you’re planning on settling in one place for a while, you need to think about work. And as boring as these things are – they will help to ensure that you have a perfect holiday.


Your health insurance could be what saves your life, or just masses of debt in another country. Find a top provider on sites like, or go with one that has been recommended to you by a trusted source, and go for an option above the bottom tier. Once you have your insurance sorted – duplicate the documents. Have a copy with your other travel documents, and one tucked away in case that gets lost or stolen. Do the same thing with your travel insurance documents. Travel Insurance covers your belongings, any instances of lost tickets, postponed flights and extra accommodation. If your things were to be lost or stolen, could you afford to go out and buy everything again straight out of your bank account?


As we said previously; our lives are on our phones these days. But that doesn’t mean that you can just hop countries and expect your phone to work the same (and cost the same) as it did at home. Most phone companies offer a roaming package that you can add to your contract. If you don’t inform your network provider that you’re going abroad, and your phone is suddenly being used on the other side of the world, most companies will shut off your phone until they can get in contact with you and verify that it’s you using your phone. The same thing can happen with your credit and debit cards. If money is leaving your account in another country you could have your card blocked until they can contact you, or you could just be acquiring some huge bills for withdrawing money abroad. Simply letting your bank know before you head off will avoid all of that hassle. Keep in mind if you are in some country side locations like the venues found on Bijou Venues then this might be slightly more difficult to avoid.


Working your way around the world can be a fantastic way to truly become acquainted with the locals and customs of where you are. If you’re working in a store or for a company, you will need to have everything set up before you go, including work visas. But you can also look into blogging or vlogging your way through your travels. And for people looking to stay in one place for a while, why not look into starting up a small business? would allow you to have the funding to set up somewhere. Think about taking a bit of western culture with you by opening a coffee shop inspired by London.

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