The UK’s Hidden Gems For A Weekend Away

July 18, 2018

Whenever you think about taking a break and going away for the weekend, you tend to cast your eyes further ashore than the UK. We all want to go somewhere nice in Europe, preferably with a sandy beach or two! But, there are loads of great weekend getaways in the UK that are way cheaper than going abroad, easier to get to, and just as beautiful. These places you can actually drive too to make the experience a bit longer. Make sure you can check your car professionally before you leave, Ossett Tyre House offers expert car service near Dewsbury.

Now, I could talk about some of the prominent places to go like London or Cornwall, but you’ve heard it all before. Instead, I want to uncover a few areas of the UK that aren’t always considered for weekend holidays.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is very much the forgotten country of the UK. Loads of people just assume it’s part of Ireland, but it isn’t. Lately, this lovely little place has become one of the best-kept secrets for people looking to enjoy a weekend trip. This is down to a couple of things, most notably the fact that Game of Thrones is filmed there. As a result, people can book tours of all the different location spots where various scenes were shot. It’s a great way to see so much of the Northern Irish beauty in one day. If you don’t care about the show, then the legendary Causeway Coastal Route is still well worth seeing. This takes you pretty much up the whole coast of Northern Ireland, and you get to visit unusual places like the Giant’s Causeway and a huge rope bridge.

Scottish Highlands

Most people go to Scotland for Edinburgh or Glasgow, but set your sights further north and head to the highlands. This northern region of Scotland is famous for its immense scenery and mountain ranges. There are coastal regions too, with some gorgeous beaches that may even shock you! The thing I like best about this area is that there aren’t many big-name hotel chains around. Instead, you have to settle for self-catering accommodation, which I think just adds some authenticity to your trip. There are plenty of camping sites and caravan parks that really help take you away from modern life for a couple of days. Go hiking, explore the natural beauty of the highlands, and take some Instagram-worthy photos while you’re at it!

West Wales

Much like with Scotland, when most people visit Wales it’s to head to one of the major cities of Cardiff or Swansea. But, head further west, and you end up in a quite gorgeous area of the UK. Here, you will see some lovely seaside towns like Tenby, which will boast some of the best beaches in the whole of the UK. All Welsh people know the beauty that lies in West Wales, but most of the rest of the UK have no idea! This is probably the best place to go for a lovely relaxing weekend away during the summer.


So, the next time you think about going on a weekend break, why don’t you consider one of these three options? The beauty of each idea is that they all get you away from busy cities and the hustle and bustle of modern life!


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  1. Laura Budd says:

    I love the Scottish Highlands! Bob and I did a week in Gairloch and Ullapool which was mindblowingly beautiful and remote!

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