3 Summer room improvements

July 12, 2018

As summer is full underway my seasonal bedroom changes have begun. The aesthetics of my surrounding is something that’s important to me and I like to make small changes around my bedroom the match the season.

Think tartan bedsheets and pumpkin scents in the winter and bright Moroccan prints and mojitos in the summer. Personally, autumn is my favourite season, but I definitely enjoy decorating my room for the summer. Below is are my 3 simple steps to bringing summer vibes into your home:


I might be a bit late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered the Yankee candle wax melts and I think they are amazing. As far as wax melts go, they completely fill your room with unreal smells and last a good among of time. This year I’ve went for the “mango peach salsa” and “pink dragon fruit” both perfect summer smells. Of course, a classic candle doesn’t go a miss, my favorite at the minute is the 3-wick bath and body work candles. The waffle cone candle and the watermelon lemonade are to die for. I know that a lot of people actually prefer a room spray over anything that burns. My bedrooms have to be painted quite often because the smoke from the candles starts the make the walls dirty. For this I would recommend a Jo Malone room spray or for something more a bit more affordable, Marks and spencer’s have some amazing scents.


The summer is the one time of year the sun doesn’t set until 10pm. It makes finishing work at 5pm and still having hours after work until the sun goes down make me feel more productive and 100% gives me more of a social life. I don’t know about you but I’m going to make the most of every bit of sunshine I can get. I’ve recently had an aluminium roof lantern and replacement sash windows installed in my conservatory which automatically gives the room a brighter feel. But for my bedroom I get rid of the curtain and replace with light blinds.


There’s nothing bedding then getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets. This is even better when you’ve got cute bed sheets! This year I’ve went for a bed set from accessorise . I love the paisley print and the orange and pink tones. To my surprise it was reversible, and the other side has a light blue mermaid scale print which I loved. Accessories actually have a lot of really lovely bed sets, deffo recommend taking a look! I like to add throws and pillow to my bed as well, these usually co-Ord with my sheets. I think an all-white bed approach is perfect for the summer also and these often have a light feel to them which is perfect for hotter nights. I think Egyptian cotton bed linen is the best for me in the summer, Egyptian cotton threads have less breaks and so are extremely smooth, supple and incredibly durable… perfect for those who love a little luxury. Egyptian cotton – like all pure cottons – is naturally non-allergenic and will look and feel incredible after many washes. I’ve found a really great to finding the perfect bedding material guide here.

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