Top 5 Places To Visit In France

April 18, 2018


If you are planning a trip to France, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of places to visit. From Lyon and Marseille  to Cannes and Chamonix, there are so many incredible places to enjoy, all of which have something different to offer. So, where should you go? Read on to find out more about the top five areas in France for a holiday…

The French Riviera – There is only one place to begin, and this is with the French Riviera. Home to Cannes and St Tropez, this is the ultimate destination for anyone that is looking for sheer luxury and some glitz and glam. You can find out more about St Tropez here: You will also find Monaco here! The Monaco Grand Prix is definitely one of the highlights. It takes place at the end of spring / start of the summer, which is a great time to visit France. This year the Grand Prix will happen on the last weekend in May.

Marseille – Next, we have the oldest city in France; Marseille. The Old Port is the heart of the city. You should start here and then you can explore from there, taking in the Panier district, which is where the French connection started. Marseille is a great place to visit because the fascination is endless. Spring and autumn are ideal for visits if you really want to take in the beauty and interest of the area. In the summer, al fresco evening and south-side beaches made great appeal.

Normandy – Often described as the Devon of northern France, it is easy to see why people travel to Normandy. It is famous for its apples and cheese, and plays home to bucolic farmland and lush meadows. It is a gentle place, with gastronomic indulgence and cultural heritage giving it the winning formula. If you are more of a Cornwall fan than a Devon fan, you may want to consider Brittany.

Carcassonne – If you are a fan of Disney films, get prepared to star in your own version because that is exactly the setting that Carcassonne provides. With the bulky buildings, pointy-roofed towers, and arrangements of ramparts, it is one of a kind. The monumental walls and 52 towers battled their way through the middle ages. Not only do you get a slice of history, but also there are plenty of spots for lunch and, of course, lots of gift shops too. Head to if you would like to find some of the best luxury hotels in the area.

Paris – Last but not least, you cannot mention France without talking about Paris. Paris’s appeal is obvious. It is known as the City of Love and, of course, you have the famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower. However, there is more to Paris than meets the eye. There are always new galleries and restaurants to check out, and the intimate gardens and courtyards are stunning.

So there you have it: the top five places in France. Which area will you be heading to?

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