Building Better First Impressions – The Key To Landing Your Dream Job

January 31, 2018


Science proves that the human race is a very judgmental species. In fact, the studies show that we subconsciously make our minds up about people within a matter of seconds. Those sentiments ring true in all environments, and this includes the working arena. As such, the importance of creating a great first impression cannot be emphasized enough. It truly could make all the difference in your pursuit to make dreams come true.


In the modern business world, those first impressions extend beyond a few seconds. Employers (or clients) may research you long before getting to meet you. Ensuring that you navigate the various obstacles will send your prospects through the roof.Here’s how to achieve those goals.


Focus On Your Look


Nobody needs to look like Beyonce or Mike Colter to gain a positive initial impact. Still, there’s no denying that attractive people gain preferential treatment in a host of life aspects, especially when it comes to work. Therefore, ensuring that your style is up to scratch should be one of the top items on your agenda. Apart from enhancing the way you are viewed by others, it should improve the way you feel about yourself. This newfound confidence counts for everything.

 A healthy lifestyle that includes an interest in nutrition and exercise provides a solid foundation. Crucially, though, your work attire should look professional and presentable. With this in mind, great footwear is always key. When your makeup and hairstyle are looking great too, the initial impression will be very positive indeed.

 Tailor Applications For Each Job   


Most of the jobs that you apply for will be in the same industry. This makes it very tempting to send the same resume and cover letter while only changing the name of the company. In truth, employers can spot this a mile off. There’s nothing wrong with having a basic template. But every application should be created distinctly with that individual job in mind. The extra time spent on each application will be outweighed by the time saved from speeding up the process.


The harsh reality of life is that the little mistakes can undo all the good work you’ve achieved elsewhere. Grammar classes and lessons in communication will enable you to prevent those issues from occurring. Furthermore, those new skills will go a long way to making you a better employee once you’ve got the job.


Use The Internet In A Responsible Manner


Many employers now research candidates before offering interviews. Frankly, your online activities can either make or break your application. On a positive note, starting a blog can be a great way to showcase your talents, knowledge, and passion. Better still, it can be the perfect tool to create a more memorable application. Support this with a strong network of professionals on LinkedIn and a good presence on social media. In turn, the vast majority of companies will view this as a positive factor.


On the flip side of that coin, irresponsible behavior on social media will come back to haunt you. Whether it’s hateful comments and bullying or posting drunk photographs doesn’t matter. Any public data that paints you in a bad picture gives employers a reason to doubt your worth. Losing a professional opportunity due to online activities is nothing short of a nightmare.

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