How To Live in the Present

January 10, 2018

People tend to spend so much time thinking about their pasts or concerned for the future that they forget that the present is where life is happening. Being more conscious of life as it happens is a difficult skill to master. One way of doing this is by embarking on mindfulness & wellbeing courses. In this article, we are going to be talking about some basic techniques which you can look to incorporate into your daily life.

Do One Thing at a Time

People tend to be so busy these days that they try to do a million things at once. But this is never going to help you live in the present. So, if you are eating, just eat. If you are walking, just walk. You will be surprised how much you can enjoy an activity when you really focus on it.

Act Slowly

The next thing to learn is to act slowly. When you are completing your one task, do it deliberately rather than rushing through it. At first, you may feel stressed because you are thinking about the other things that you could be doing, but this is a technique that takes practice to perfect.

Spend a Few Minutes a Day Doing Nothing

This may be an especially difficult one for busy people, but you should be aiming to spend at least a few minutes every day doing absolutely nothing. Sit in silence, be aware of your thoughts, and focus on your breathing. Doing nothing is something that has become increasingly difficult in our always-connected world, but you will see the value of it once you give it a go.

Pay Attention When Talking to Someone

When people are talking to others, they tend to be simply waiting for their turn to speak rather than really listening to what the other person has to say. When you listen, you have every chance of learning something that you didn’t know before, but when you talk, you are only saying what you know already.

Mix Cooking and Cleaning with Meditation

Cooking and cleaning are often seen as monotonous tasks to be avoided, but they give you a fantastic opportunity to practice your mindfulness. Put your entire mind into concentrating on these tasks, doing them slowly and completely. This is certainly a great way of becoming more adept at meditating.

Savour Your Life

The final piece of advice that we are going to offer is simple, but important nevertheless; savour your life. Slow everything down in your mind and enjoy each moment as you are having it. Really learn to tune into the feelings, sights and sounds that are all around you. This is something that sounds simple, but like much of the rest of the advice we have already talked about, it requires practice.

So, hopefully, this advice has inspired you to try living more in the present yourself. Following this simple advice provides a good starting point, but like anything positive in life, it takes time to make this kind of change to achieve a more balanced life.   

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