Cocktails With A Festive Twist!

December 14, 2017

Tis the season to be jolly – or so the song goes! If you are hosting a Christmas party this year, why not make it memorable by serving up a selection of festive Christmas drinks! They will be sure to go down a treat and will add a little sparkle to the usual drinks on offer.

Christmas cocktails come in a variety of styles. Fizzy and festive or warm and comforting, the choice is yours.

Mulled wine with a twist

Nothing evokes Christmas more than the traditional aromas from mulled wine. It is simply the best drink to offer guests on arrival.

Mulled wine cocktail – a lovely blend of red wine, cointreau, cinnamon, cloves and clementines. This is the traditional mulled wine and it’s best served warm.

White mulled wine – For a lighter option, replace the red wine with white wine and combine with cider and elderflower cordial.

Don’t forget to make some non-alcoholic mulled apple juice, just leave out the alcohol and infuse with the traditional fruits and spices. If you have children at your party, ensure you have an array of Christmas recipes for all the family to hand.


Everyone loves a bit of fizz at Christmas, it is also the best drink to use for toasting special occasions. Rather than serving Prosecco or sparkling wine on its own, add a bit of a twist to add to the festive feel.

Raspberry Martini cocktail – the combination of prosecco, gin and Martini with a few frozen raspberries and sugar, makes a delightful and impressive cocktail. It also has the benefit of looking very pretty too!

Mimosa – mimosas can be adapted to whatever occasion you wish to serve them. At Christmas try combining your favourite sparkling wine with pomegranate and cranberry juice. Add some fresh cranberries and it will go down a treat!

Amaretto – Most people only drink amaretto at Christmas and on it’s own, with some ice it makes a lovely after dinner drink. It can also be served with fresh orange juice and sparkling wine to make a cocktail. Amaretto is much more versatile than you think!

Drivers and teetotallers will appreciate the effort of being able to partake in a little fizz too. Serve a combination of spritzers made with sparkling elderflower, lemonade or soda combined with different fruit juices, such as pomegranate, cranberry, orange and apple juice. Add a little chopped fruits to add flavour and pizazz!


Vodka is the essential ingredient to so many different cocktails which are always appreciated. Sometimes a traditional cocktail made well is appreciated the most at parties.

White Christmas vodka cocktail – at Christmas many people seem to become inundated with bottles of flavoured vodkas, it’s difficult to know how to serve them. If you have any vanilla vodka you can make a lovely creamy cocktail by combining it with coconut creme and creme de cacao. The effect is almost ice cream sundae in appearance, so sprinkle a little nutmeg on the top and serve with chocolate wafers. Delicious …

Vodka and cranberry crush – stir together vodka, cointreau, orange juice and cranberry juice. Pour onto crushed ice for a very refreshing cocktail.

Cosmopolitan – the cosmopolitan is a classic cocktail, which has stood the test of time. Give your Cosmopolitan a Christmas twist by combining vodka, ginger wine, cranberry juice and lime juice. Garnish with slices of lime.


Let’s face it Christmas arrives in the depths of winter and can be a bit nippy, unless you live in Australia of course! With all the lovely warming flavours and spices at Christmas, it’s easy to incorporate them into festive drinks too. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

Whiskey Flip – The Whiskey Flip is a classic and when you combine the whiskey, cinnamon and amaretto with egg and cream a truly decadent drink is created, perfect for the festive season.

Salted caramel hot chocolate – as delicious as it sounds. This super warming drink is easily created by combining hot chocolate, rum and Dulce de Leche. The sprinkle of sea salt gives the lovely salted caramel its taste.

Coffee liqueur – a coffee liqueur is great when served at the end of an evening or after a festive meal. They are easy to make and as long as you have a good selection of liqueurs easy to please. Everyone has their own favourite. Some classic liqueurs that are perfect when added to coffee and cream include Baileys, whiskey, rum, amaretto and tia Maria.

Hopefully the above examples of festive drinks, that are a little different will have inspired you to try them. Your party is sure to be a success for all the right reasons!             


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