Perfect UK Breaks

December 13, 2017

Sometimes, you don’t even need to go too far to have the perfect break. The UK is such a wonderful place that a lot of us take for granted. There’s so many different things to see and do, yet people are always so quick to get out of the country for their holiday destinations.  Plus, at this time of the year the UK becomes even more magical. So before you start spending tons of money and rushing off to another country, here are some of the wonders the UK has to offer.Evesham

Evesham isn’t known to many people, and it might need seem all that glamourous, but there’s so many things to do there, a break there is just so cute and romantic. It is definitely a place to go for couples, families might find there is not enough to do there to keep the kids entertained. It is perfect for long walks down round the nature reserve, a boat trip for the day, or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is a hotel in Evesham that will offer you a central location to the main village. You’re also in a good spot to be able to travel to nearby, lovely locations, such as Stratford-Upon-Avon which is full of history and things to do.  You’re also not far from Worcester which has some great spas and shops to look around if you’re interested.

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A firm favourite for so many people, Brighton is always a hub of activity no matter what the time of year. There’s just so much to see and do here, if you do decide to travel you won’t be bored. It is perfect for a long weekend break, there’s just that much to explore. The new I360 tower that was opened last year is perfect for catching the wonderful views Brighton has to offer. It is so easy to get lost for time on the pier as well. With the arcades and many rides that seem to be open all year round, it’s perfect for either a couples break or a family weekend away. The accommodation is a little pricey purely due to the location. You’re best off shopping around. Plus, you’re not too far away from London if you fancied making it an extended break.


Manchester at this time of year is a really wonderful place. There’s plenty to do for everyone, but it is best as a couple destination due to the wonderful nightlife it has to offer. If you go at this time of year there’s the German Christmas market that’s on, which is such good fun for everyone. As with any German market, the prices are a little expensive. But, if you’re looking for a good time Manchester will be able to give it you. There’s plenty of lovely restaurants, and the accomodation really isn’t that expensive either. If your partner is a football fanatic, you’re going to have to take them to visit the football ground. To make it a Christmas treat you could even try and go when there was a game on.

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