Earrings and hairstyles

December 11, 2017

When you’re selecting earrings to set off an ensemble, you’re likely to think of the clothes first. But what if we told you that your hair length and style could help you decide on the earrings that are best for you and your look? Read more below.

Pixie cut

A beautiful, bold haircut deserves beautiful bold earrings, even in the daytime. If you’ve got a pixie cut, for the day try an embellished stud earring, which will complement more classic looks. During the day you can also try simple, long-drop earrings, which will help to frame your face.

For night, we suggest going all-out glamour. With short hair, you can wear ear jackets to full effect, a new style of earring with subtle glamor. If you want to go bolder, why not go for a statement earring?  With earrings like these, no other accessories are required.


A bob is a timeless, classic and elegant cut that suits women of all ages. The best choice for both day and night is to choose earrings that dangle to the length of your hair, to emphasise the cut and the frame of your face.

During the day, try a simple drop earring that draws attention to your cut, but is subtle enough to wear for work and other daytime activities.

For night-time glamour, you can afford to go a bit bolder! Try bigger hoop earrings, or embellished tear drop earrings, to help your haircut make a statement.

Long hair

When you have long hair, worn down, your hair becomes your biggest accessory – and you need your earrings to sit alongside it. Simple earrings, which don’t dangle down, are the right choice for you.

During the daytime, an elegant, simple choice is a ball stud, which sits on your ear and lets your hair do the talking. Ball studs are available in a range of coloured stones, or simple gold, silver or bronze, depending on your needs and the look you’re going for.

If you’re going for an evening out and would prefer something more formal, try a half hoop earring.

Up-do or ponytail

Picking earrings to go with an up-do depends entirely on the type of look you’re going for.

If you’re wearing an elegant bun on a formal occasion, drop or teardrop earrings will enhance the sophisticated style and will look beautiful whether the bun is tight or loose.

If you’re tying your hair up high, you have the opportunity to choose anything. However, just make sure they’re earrings you really want to show off! To keep things casual, a simple ear jacket or stud earring is right for you. For evenings or nights out, brave the statement earrings and dress to impress.


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