Don’t Stay Stuck In A Dead End Job!

November 21, 2017

Life is worth so much more than this, and life is just too short to be stuck doing something you just don’t want to do. Yet it is so common for this to happen. People feel as though they’ve got no way out but to slave away at a 9-5 just because that is the first job there were successful in getting. But this just isn’t the case. There’s so much out there career wise that can help you to lead a fulfilling life. It can be a pretty scary process when you’re looking for a new job, but we’re here to give you some helpful tips to make the process a little easier.

Your CV


This plays such a big part in the process of getting a new job, so making sure yours is up to scratch is what’s going to make you stand out from all the rest. But it can sometimes be pretty difficult knowing what to put in. The main thing you need to be doing is selling yourself. List your past work experience, even if it was just voluntary work and let them know the life skills you gained from it. Employers want to know that you have transferable skills that you can use within the role you’re applying for. They love voluntary work even more as it shows you’re willing to give up your time for free.




Sometimes you just don’t have the right experience you need for your dream role. Don’t panic though, there are plenty of ways for your to get experience to make you right for the role. When you are looking at applying, you will notice that so many job adverts say you must have a certain amount of previous experience. This is where volunteering comes in. It might be hard to work around your daily life, but if you want the new career you’re going to have to make sacrifices. Then there’s the route of apprenticeships. A lot of people find this so much easier than trying to fit in experience around their normal job as well. Apprenticeship qualifications can really set you up for life. They’re perfect way of earning whilst you’re learning, and edging yourself towards that dream career. There seems to be apprenticeships in pretty much every, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to find one that relates to your future career choice.


The Unknown


It is pretty scary taking a leap of faith into the unknown. You’re already stuck in a dead end career that you don’t like. But what if this career move just puts you right back where you started. Well, the only thing you can do is get over this fear and try new things. Even if it does end badly for you, the only thing you can do is try again with another career path. As long as you’re going for something that makes you happy, you shouldn’t be worried about taking the risk of moving careers, especially if the new one might be able to offer you better progressions and more money.

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