Beat Weekend Boredom

November 20, 2017

The weekends over and I already can’t to have that Friday feeling back. There’s nothing better than being able to leave the office at the end of the week and look forward to a relaxing couple of days off with your family.

However, as fun as being off work may be, you might find it difficult sometimes to decide what to do with your time. You might end up sat at home in front of the TV for half of the day just figuring out what you want to so or where to go- and then by the time you’ve done it all, it’s time to go back to work. But don’t fear, we have a list of some things to get you up and about this weekend and beat those boredom blues.

Have A Picnic In The Park

If the weather is looking bright and sunny on a Saturday morning, it is the perfect opportunity to get yourself down to the park and make the most of the weather. You can pop to the supermarket in the morning and grab yourself a packed lunch of sandwiches, fruit, small cakes and some savoury snacks too. It will be a great way of getting the whole family out of the house and enjoying the last of any sunshine we may have before winter hits.

Hold An Impromptu Barbecue


If the weather graces you with sunshine and a warm day, you can invite your family and friends over for a surprise barbecue in your garden. Get everyone to bring their own bits of food, side dishes or drinks- and have fun in the sun while you stay warm by the fire. Wrap up warm and stick to simple food and drink for a fun afternoon and evening with your friends and family.

Take Some Photographs

One of the best things about this time of the year is that there is no end to the colours you will see outside in nature. Take a walk in your local woodland and bring your camera along to try out different settings, play with lighting and enjoy the stunning views. Then go home and edit the photos, and maybe even upload a few cheeky snaps to your Instagram account.

Take A Country Drive

Whether it is sunny or raining, there is nothing quite like driving out into the countryside and enjoying the views. You can pick your favourite car playlist and enjoy a relaxing drive through the country lanes and through the forest. Then park up somewhere nice, whip out a blanket and a flask of hot cocoa and watch the world go by for a while.

Visit the Museum

If you search on google ‘Things to do near me’ you’ll be guaranteed to find a list of the landmarks, parks and cultural spots I the area. If you live near the city, why not take a train down into the city centre and explore one of the museums or art galleries? It’s a great option for a rainy day and could prove to be really intresting too.

How do you beat the weekend boredom?


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