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October 31, 2017


Exciting news! I’m moving house! After 18 years of living in the same house I’m quite excited and I’ve already been planning out the interior of the full house. However, me and my mam have slightly different tastes when it comes to decorating the house and as a compromise I’ve been given the kitchen, the bathrooms, mine and my little sisters bedroom.

This has got my thinking about my dream house and how I’d like my decorate my own house one day. The kitchen has always been my favorite room in any house so to be honest being left in charge of this was quite the honor. Fridges with ice makers and high tech gadgets with sleek marble counters is the way forward in my opinion. An absolute must is a kitchen island, i just think there stylish and practical for a family home.

Kitchen islands are the new trend for modern day homes. If you don’t have one, you’ll want one now. Harvey Jones, specialists in kitchen designs for your home, have the ultimate guide on how to decide on what will look best in your home, from the actual design to colours and textures that will be the best fit for you.

Whether you intend for it to be the focal point in the room or not, it will be. All your family and friends will be jealous of how well an island will fit into your kitchen. An island is very versatile and can be used for several activities – whether this is being home to different kitchen appliances, acting as a work surface or even to hide stools beneath, you’ll generate a more spacious area to work in. It can also make the perfect boundary for open plan kitchens to separate the cooking area from another living space.


Size is important when it comes to kitchen islands because you don’t want it too big or too small. If it’s too big, it can look overpowering. It might hold a lot more equipment, but if you can’t reach them from the centre – then you know you’ve got a problem. You want to be able to move around it swiftly, without feeling exhausted so much it becomes a chore.

Your island is your chance to experiment in your kitchen. Be brave and be bold. You’ll be able to use different colours and textures to make your kitchen a unique haven, and it will add a touch of luxury to your room. It will begin to feel more welcoming and it will definitely be the star of the show when you host dinner parties and other social events for your friends and family.


Everyone wants their kitchen island to fit their personal needs – whether this is adding a sink to it, a sitting area to eat or a hob to cook on. But this is something that must be discussed beforehand because you need to make sure that you have the correct electrical and plumbing supplies to add this to your island, and always remember that extra costs may apply. A good thing to think of when designing your kitchen island is the distance between three main appliances – the sink, the fridge and the hob. Locate them close, but not too close. You don’t want things to feel overcrowded but you also don’t want to have to walk far to get the things that you require. Stay in the zone!



It’s becoming less common for families to sit together for meals throughout the week. Adding some sort of sitting area around your island could be the perfect solution to get the family together and communicate in a healthy and positive way. For this type of seating area, squarer designs are more flexible to work with. It’s the more playful way to design your island, as the ideas you could corporate into your kitchen are limitless. If you want to give it a more diner feel, stools underneath a work surface will be the right plan for you. With the modern family being so in touch with technology, it might be a beneficial for you to add in plug points around your island for your phones, tablets or laptops so you’re constantly on the go and up to date with your working schedule.

This post was in collaboration with Harvey Jones but all views are my own.

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  1. Abby says:

    I love the kitchen in a house and prefer the more rustic homely kitchens than all the modern new ones. Many people do seem to be getting islands, they look very useful.

    Abby x


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