Top Career choices to consider.

October 19, 2017

Making decisions is hard. What to wear? What to eat? What to do? When to do it? Making decisions is challenging for even the most decisive of people, in a world that is literally your oyster it can be difficult discerning what is right for you right now and what isn’t. This decision can cause anxiety and stress, however even more daunting than the perfect outfit to wear on date night or what to watch on your next ‘netflix and chill’ date is picking the perfect career path. Does one even exist? With hundreds of jobs to choose from, and the daunting fact that we might be choosing something to do for the rest of our lives make it seriously hard figuring pinpointing one.

Thankfully aside from your guidance counsellor, parents, friends ( who all think you’re too pretty to work anyway) and the internet there are countless places to turn to, to help you figure out your dilemma. Whether you take a test, do an internship, or seek advice from a reputable recruitment agency there is something out there for you. What is my passion?’, What career will be able to fund the lifestyle I’m used to?’,  ‘Is your future industry stable and sustainable?’. ‘Will I be able to find a job in this industry?’ or ‘Will technology take over this function in the future?’ are the questions you should be concerned with answering. We know how stressful it is to think about all these things but unfortunately, in order to live you have to think about this stuff, it’s not a decision that can go very long without being made. To help take the stress away or possibly add extra confusion here is the top careers to consider, careers that will be around for years to come, industries that are always growing and always looking for people.



Going back to school doesn’t seem so bad going back as the boss right? Plus you can channel your inner Cameron Diaz in ‘Bad Teacher’ and virtually nail all aspects of your life – eventually. The education sector is an opportunity with endless possibilities that expand much wider than the four walls of a classroom. Teachers, professors, remedial counsellors, physical education, and even guidance counsellors are all highly sought after. There are so many age groups, subjects and school in which you have the option of teaching at your bound to find the one that fits. It’s not all stationary and long holidays, being a teacher is a huge responsibility to impart knowledge and ignite passion and interest. So if you feel a tingle at the thought of sharing knowledge and helping society to grow this one might just be for you, you could always consider an apprenticeship.



A job that you can’t box, a job that is easily freelanced? Your local coffee shop as your office? Maybe the beach? A Job that can fit in anywhere and anyhow you choose? In the design industry, the possibilities are endless with a huge demand for those skilled in all different forms of design. Graphic designers, art directors, fashion journalists, wedding photographers, stylists, editors, videographers, the list is forever growing with new and innovative ways to see the world and business. There is no limit on how creative one can get in the design field; from game designers, comic book writers and goldsmith to terrarium-making, copywriting and the works.  So if you feel you’re the voice of your generation? Or ‘A’ voice of ‘A’ generation than maybe this is the field for you, jobs which incorporate personal expression and style into their everyday processes. However as fun and floaty as these posts sound there is lots of dedication, time management and love needed to make a success of it because if you’re office-ing at the beach, you still have to get stuff done. You may be free, but you’ve still got deadlines.


3.Technology Sector

Living in a digital age, it’s no surprise that the technology sector is growing ever more prominent and bigger with the passing of time. In fact, it’s practically taking over the world with enough room for everyone. With so many new development and maintenance fields it’s important to have skilled professionals in all different facets of this industry. Think along the lines of Information Technology, Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, Desktop Support or Security. You don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg to be interested in the tech industry, although any brooding ideas for facebook 2.0 wouldn’t hurt either.


  1. Medical Fields

People will always need the medical field, this industry is vast and rapidly growing, and instead of being under threat due to technological advancements they only ever expand and improve alongside each other. Although we know that there is nothing you can’t do, the medical field is not just subject to being a doctor. In fact, there is a variety of positions within the medical field that you may have never thought of, but doctors haven’t been doing it alone all these years there is nursing, physiotherapy, radiology, dietetics, occupational therapy and so much more nursing jobs. With so many job availabilities and with recruitment agencies in the medical field willing to help and assist you in finding the perfect place whether it be at home or abroad. No need to pretend to Meredith Grey as you enter the medical field to start your episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


5.Food & Beverage

Food and drinks are always going to be a human necessity, and thus, jobs that service those requirements will always be around, chefs, kitchen staff, bakers, caterers, farmers will always be in demand. Especially as we move into a new food age of wholesome and healthy, where food innovation is at the forefront of the culinary industry the possibilities are endless. But if you can’t stand the heat it’s best to stay out of the kitchen; the food industry isn’t just nights in with Nigella it’s tough, with long hours and hard work. If putting food on the table brings you fulfilment and joy then this is the field for you.

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  1. Abby says:

    Great post! I’m currently a bit lost as too what job I will get when I’m older. I would definitely like to do something creative though.

    Abby x

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