Three Breathtaking Holidays

September 20, 2017


If there’s one thing we all love to do, it’s travel. With it so easy to go to pretty much any destination now, so many people jet off day in day of in search of the perfect holiday. Whether it be backpackers off to Thailand, or a family to Disneyland Paris. Looking forward to a holiday is the one thing that gets most people through the slog of daily life, the escape of being on holiday is something that just can’t be beaten. This post is going to look at three different destinations, to give you some inspiration of where to go next.



This one might take a lot of your by surprise. Lanzarote has mixed opinions from different people. Some say it is amazing and decide to holiday their yearly, whilst some comment that it’s a ruined brits holiday destination. But if you know where to go, and what to see, Lanzarote can be a beautiful place. There are so many beautiful excursions, and amazing restaurants to keep anyone from any walk of life busy. One night you could be strolling down the Costa Teguise beach watching the glorious sunset, and the next day you could be climbing the Timanfaya Mountain catching some breathtaking views. There’s also a wide range of hotels, from luxurious five stars such as the hotel Hesperia, to budget ones such as H10. However recently at the H10 hotel, a little girl had her hair dragged into the suction vent of a pool. The hotel was investigated, and personal injury solicitors had to get involved, so please do your research before booking a hotel, in any country!



I know this is a pretty broad area, but each Indonesian island truly is breathtaking. From trawling the rice farms of Bali, to swimming in the crystal blue waters on the island of Lombock. You’ll always be able to find something that takes your fancy. Bali is the most popular island, but more people are beginning to explore the wonders of smaller islands such as Pulau Weh. There’s not much to do there but relax, sunbathe and eat good food. But for some people, this is their perfect idea of a holiday.



When people think of a breathtaking holiday, they usually jump straight to picturing a white beach with crystal blue waters. But Switzerland has so much to offer, such as the incredible views offered when walking Martigny. The walk stretched 4 miles, with glorious vineyards along the way, the views to be seen there wouldn’t be forgotten. Or there is the beautiful lake Constance, which in the summer is perfect for exploring, or even taking part in some watersports.

Those are just three of what the world has to offer. Some are close by and easier to afford, some are further afield and may take a bit of saving if you want to experience the island properly. But it doesn’t matter where you go in this world, every country has it’s own little places of wonder to explore, and will always have something for everybody.


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