Making The Most Of A Weekend In London

September 20, 2017

There is too much to do in London. That’s not a bad thing if you’re lucky enough to live there, but if, like me, you only have a weekend to see everything the city has to offer, you need to narrow down your list a little. Money is always going to dictate what you can and can’t afford to do in London, but the city caters for the high class and penny-pinchers all at once. Budget doesn’t have to determine how much fun you have, so here are a few things I think would make your weekend in London unforgettable.

Club nights

If you have to splurge on one thing, it has to be a nightclub. London has some of the most unique club nights to offer, from the Ministry of Sound, which has been part of the London nightlife for 20 years, to a taste of the 1920s at Bart’s, the first speakeasy bar in London. For something stylish, but slightly exotic, you could also try getting on the Montezuma guestlist while you’re in the city; an eclectic mix of R&B and Hip hop, combined with coffee Patron tequila shots will make this a night out to remember. The club as an Aztec theme, it serves South American style tapas before the party begins, and it’s one of the few clubs in Chelsea that’s open until 3am.

Budget shows

There’s no business like show business, and London shows are no exception to the rule. In fact, when you can catch a production by the bard himself for only £5, I think it’s practically mandatory to watch one of William Shakespeare’s plays at The Globe Theatre. Cheap theatre tickets are also available at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden, or the Finborough Theatre, Earls Court, both of which are pub theatres so the drinks are discounted. To keep the evening cost-effective, you could grab some street food for under £5, then search for pubs and clubs with a happy hour.


London has seen a lot of demonstrations, public events, and more than a few royal celebrations made public, that all you have to do is walk down the Mall to see where Kate and William’s wedding carriage drove down, and it costs nothing to have your picture taken in front of Buckingham Palace. If you visit at 11:30 am you’ll witness the Changing of the Guard up close. The British Museum is also free to visit, and it’s home to mummies and 13 million other artifacts from the ancient world. If you’re feeling brave, you can even go on a late night Jack-the-Ripper tour. Even the Oxford Tube is a sight to see.


Anyone who loves a good festival is spoiled for choice in London. As well as the mainstream music festivals like British Summer Time, there are so many minority groups in London throwing a festival to celebrate and introduce their culture. The Russian Winter Festival has been celebrated in London, and the O2 hosted its first Latin America-inspired festival in July 2017.

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2 responses to “Making The Most Of A Weekend In London”

  1. M. Roberts says:

    A well researched article. Cerys writes with a refreshing style and always captures the reader’s attention. Informative and interesting to read. Some good London tips here, she’s right the Shakespeare’s Globe is a must. Don’t forget the markets! (next article coming soon) 🙂

  2. alice says:

    I’m off to London this month so will be following your tips!

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