Five Tips to Plan Your Perfect Big Family Holiday

September 9, 2017

We all need to get away for a few weeks to recharge our batteries. If you have relatives living around the country, and it is hard to get everyone together in your home, you might want to plan a large family holiday on the sun. Whether you have a family reunion coming up, or would like to celebrate a birthday, there is an alternative to inviting everyone to book a hotel in your hometown. Below you can find some tips on how to plan your family holiday to serve the needs of all generations.
Agree on the Location

You will have to find a location that all family members and friends agree with. If you try to get away as multiple families, inviting your friends and their kids as well, you will need to bear in mind that you are likely to need childcare and kids’ club. If you are traveling with older relatives, make sure that they can get a ground floor room and relax in style, instead of having to go with you on challenging hikes.

Check Dates and Prices

Once you have the location picked, you can get online and compare accommodation and flight prices. If your relatives and friends are traveling from a different airport, make sure that their flight times are close to yours. Make a list of a couple of dates and ask the members of the group to choose. Once you have the accommodation and flights checked out, make sure everyone has their reservation and they booked their time off work. 

Look for Large Villa Rentals

Groups larger than 7 can save money by renting a larger villa in popular resorts. You can split the cost, and take turns on childcare, shopping, driving, and booking. Renting  a minibus for all the people instead of multiple cars is another way of saving on your holiday. If you want to stay in downtown, you can look at Marbella Apartments to Rent suitable for long weekends and multiple weeks as well. If you are lucky enough to have your own holiday home, your life has just got easier, as you can invite everyone and ask for a contribution for food and bills.

Travel and Book Together

If there are more than 6 of you, travel agents are likely to offer a group discount on flights, transfer, and hotel bookings. You can even go all inclusive for less than you would think and book connecting rooms. Check out group discounts on the booking site before you make your final decision, as you can save hundreds of pounds.

Buy Your Attraction Tickets Early

If you agree on the program in advance, you can save money and time queueing. Give people a list of activities and attractions, and ask them to vote. Pick two or three of the most popular, and book the tickets online, print them off, and you are ready to enjoy the holiday.

Arranging a big family holiday can take a lot of planning. Make sure you start early, talk to all guests, and take into consideration their individual needs.


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