What to expect from an apprenticeship

August 31, 2017


Me and school never really agreed with each other. Endless detentions because my skirt was too short or my nails were painted, teachers who have no idea what they’re talking about and being told how clever I was based on an unreasonable exam. Don’t get me wrong, I loved primary school and up until year 9 I was a model student (mostly). But when the hormones kicked in and I was more interested in spending times with my friends, school was  my last priority. I did, however, achieve 4 A’S, 2B’s and a C in my GCSES.

When it came to deciding if I wanted to my A-levels or not, I rushed into saying yes, this way I could stay with my friends. A few months in and I realised I hated everything I was studying. I knew I wasn’t going to go to university because going out every night and having my own flat wasn’t the right reason to get myself into a lot of debt.

In May 2017, I started an apprenticeship in social media and digital marketing and I never looked back. Suddenly I was in an adult world were phoning in ill every day because I couldn’t be bothered wouldn’t cut it. I wish I had someone who could have prepped me for what to expect because trust me, it took a while to sort myself out and actually stick in. Below are my top tips and what to expect when starting an apprenticeship.

Be Punctual

In my first few months as an apprentice this wasn’t something I was very good at. I would turn up late almost every day and I never had a good excuse. To avoid this, make sure you get plenty of sleep and keep in mind your going to be up early the next day when planning your after-work activities.

Turn up

Yes. An obvious one, but I think after spending the last few years turning up as I pleased, it took a while to realise how serious it was I went into work every day.

Ask questions

The people around you are there to help and you should take advantage of the knowledge they already have in your chosen industry. Always ask questions when you’re stuck, you won’t learn otherwise.

Take every opportunity

Through doing an apprenticeship you will be handed some amazing opportunities, I get to work with some amazing brands on exciting projects. Don’t turn down an opportunity because your scared to fail, you will be supported through it and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Present yourself well

Your entering an environment full of professional adults, so try and act accordingly. Present yourself like a mature adult and you will be treat in the same manner.

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12 responses to “What to expect from an apprenticeship”

  1. Sophie says:

    This is super helpful! I’m not going into an apprenticeship but you’ve got some really good advice that I’ll definitely keep in mind.

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. Rachel-Abbie says:

    This would definitely be helpful for someone doing an apprenticeship. I might do one in the future, after A-Levels. Thank you for the advice and for sharing!


  3. Abby says:

    This is very helpful from someone with experience. I don’t plan to do an apprenticeship but this could also be helpful advice for getting a job.

    Abby | http://teenagehomedder.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m glad that the apprenticeship turned out well for you! As much as I loved uni I always wonder if I might have been better doing something else!

    Lauren 🙂 x

  5. I wish I’d done an apprenticeship after my A Levels but nobody ever mentioned them to me, so I had no idea they existed. I tried to apply for one after uni but was told I couldn’t do one as I already had a degree.

  6. Steve says:

    I will show this to my nephews tonight thank you

  7. Really interesting – looking at all the options for my teen at the moment. Did it lead into a job for you?

    • cerys says:

      Yes! I’m now working as a full time digital marketing executive, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Made me grow up a lot.

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