So What’s Stopping You Taking That Next Trip?

August 18, 2017



At the minute i feel like I’m stopping myself from going on that amazing round the world trip I’ve always dreamed of. I’m 18 years old, surely there shouldn’t be anything stopping me, isn’t it horrible when stuff gets in the way of you doing things that you really want, like travelling the world or taking a trip with the girls?  Why is it that it always seems to be easier and more sensible to say no, when these opportunities arise, is it really the best course of action? 

Saying no because of confidence

Having the balls to do something out of your comfort zone isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes it a lot less hassle to stay home in your pyjamas and eat ice cream. Surfing the web and social media, looking at pictures of other people doing exciting things and visiting exotic places. But, are confidence issues something that we should let influence us regarding travel?

Well, it would be easy to say no in every case, and that the correct approach is to just feel the fear and do it anyway. But in reality, nobody knows your own limits as well as you do. It may be that year long backpacking trip around the world will just be too much for your right now, and that’s cool. Why not test the water and go for a shorter break instead? Then you are still making the most out of your time, but you aren’t under any pressure to jump right in a do something that seems super hard right away.

Saying no because of money

Unless we are in an incredibly fortunate situation, many of us have said no to trips and holidays because of a lack of funds. Having said that, as you only live once, if there is a place that you really want to visit or activities that you have a burning desire to do, then you should find a way to make it happen and not let money stand in your way.

After all, there are plenty of ways you can raise some extra cash for a once in a lifetime trip. Such as taking on a side hustle, making money online, and getting funding from other sources. You can even approach a personal loan direct lender if you have a timed opportunity to travel that will pass you buy if you can’t find the cash. As they can provide you with the funds that you can pay back in small instalments allowing you to say yes and truly embrace that YOLO thought.

Saying no because of time

Lastly, another reason that you may be thinking twice about that next trip to the Far East or that holiday, raving with the girls is that you see you just don’t have enough time to go away right now.

The thing with that is it’s really not something that is in line with the YOLO spirit. After all, what is it that is taking up your time so much, work? At the end of your life will you look back and think I wished I worked more, or I wish I went on that amazing trip?


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3 responses to “So What’s Stopping You Taking That Next Trip?”

  1. Sophie says:

    You should make the most of life and just go for it!

    Sophie xx //

  2. emma says:

    It can’t be money all the time that stops us from traveling

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