10 things that will definitely happen on your girls holiday

July 11, 2017


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Only 3 more days until I jet off to Maga for my first ever girls holiday — yippee! Whether you’re heading to Kavos, Ibiza or Zante, Quiz Clothing has very accurately predicted the 10 things that will deffo happen on your girly vacay:

  1. You’ll over-pack

I might only be going for 7 days but I’ve packed more outfits than Beyoncé’s world tour wardrobe. From maxi dresses to bikinis, the beach is my runway. Throw them all in — a girl needs choice!!

  1. Someone will be late

Me and the girls are supposed to be meeting at the airport at 5am and knowing them we will be frantically running through the airport trying to catch our flight, probably because someone’s eye brows look more like distant cousins than twins *eye roll*. But whether its arranging to go for dinner at a set time or meeting by the pool for cocktails one of your pals will definitely be late.

  1. You’ll struggle to split the bill

How much is €73.54 divided by 5? Splitting the bill is the hardest part of being on holiday — after all, maths is a no-go when you’re in holiday mode!

  1. Taking selfies will become an art form

How many almost identical selfies do you take before you get the perfect shot? If you’re anything like us, it’ll be in double figures, so imagine how hard it’ll be to take a selfie that your whole group will approve of? From “no my tummy looks to big in that” to “wait, my hair looks greasy in this lighting” were going to have to form a kind of pact were all photos are approved before being uploaded to social media.

  1. You’ll get lost

“I know exactly where it is”. You’ll definitely hear that at least once during your trip, as one of the girls transforms into some sort of Bear Grylls-inspired explorer.

  1. You’ll become a karaoke queen

If you can’t belt out a classic like girls just wanna have fun on holiday, when can you? Your vacay is the perfect opportunity to warm up your vocal chords and show off your skills. A Spice Girls collab with the other girls is a must too!

  1. You won’t be able to resist a full English

You may only be away from home for a few days but there’s something about the sun that makes a full English breakfast irresistible. It’s the perfect hangover cure too, especially after a night on the cocktails!

  1. You’ll invest in far too many inflatables

Deciding between an inflatable whale and crocodile can be tough, so why not get both? I’ve already had my eye on an inflatable unicorn and I’m pretty sure someone’s hiding inflatable avocado in their suitcase.

9.You’ll get the holiday blues

Returning home to the 9-5, the holiday blues will hit you. Don’t worry, wishing you could do it all again is perfectly normal.

  1. You’ll book again for next year

How do you remedy the holiday blues? Booking again for next year of course! As soon as your home, gather your gal pals and visit the travel agent — you need something to look forward to even though Cream fields is only a month away- eeek! Maybe backpacking around Europe?

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5 responses to “10 things that will definitely happen on your girls holiday”

  1. Abby says:

    Girls holiday sounds fun, perhaps I’ll go on one when I’m older.

    Abby | http://www.teenagehomedder.blogspot.com

  2. Sophie says:

    This is 100% correct! I always over pack, and somehow the bill is never split evenly – even when a calculator is involved!

    Great post, sums everything up about holidays x

    Sophie // http://www.oneunique.co.uk

  3. Donna says:

    Hahaha i love this! I So very true too, lots and lots of fun to be had x

  4. Kara says:

    Haa haa, this made me chuckle. I am ashamed to say I have never been on a girls holiday 🙁

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