Quiz Clothing.

Quiz Clothing

Yes, I have an obsession with love islands Alex Bowen.

To the point where I have him as my screensaver so i can see his unreal face every morning when I wake up.After countless hours of stalking his Instagram and  hating on Olivia Buckland for stealing my man I noticed that actually Olivia brought out an amaze clothing range with Quiz Clothing and this was enough to change my opinion. So much so I’d say shes deffo my new inspo.

I first discovered the range with Quiz Clothing when I spotted the Black & Gold Playsuit she perfectly modeled on her Instagram.This quickly lead to having a browse at the full collection and spending money that i should be saving for more important things. Then again what’s more important then treating yourself every now and then?

There’s nothing more annoying than ordering clothes online to find that when they arrive the material is thin and looks nothing like it does on the model.Personally I’ve always been a fan of Quiz clothing so quality wise the Olivia Buckland range didn’t disappoint.

Overall i think the entire range is stunning and I’m 100% going to be spoiling myself some more. Payday cant come quick enough!

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