Looking After Your Natural Beauty

Living in the 21st-century, it can be easy to believe that more makeup, plastic surgery, and photoshop is the norm. The only problem is, it’s not. Young people all over the world are led to believe in images of perfection, with smooth skin and no lumps and bumps. It’s just not the way things should be.


We are all beautiful in our own way. We are the unique combination of our mother and father, making up a person who is one of a kind in a world with 7 billion others. We need to start learning to appreciate out natural features and love our appearance in a profound way. To love our true appearance to the fullest, we also need to know how to look after it. Here are a few tips to making your natural self shine.


Skin Care


The first step to a healthy complexion is to look after our skin. Many people spend hundreds of dollars a year on makeup, but really we should be spending that money on skincare. The skin is the base for all makeup, so if you want to look flawless every day, taking care of your skin is essential.


It is recommended that we all apply a face mask once a week. It might seem like you won’t have time to do this, but think about how important relaxing is to your physical and mental health. Take 30 minutes each week to sit down, read a book and sip on some wine while you take care of your skin. You will feel more vibrant, happy and look younger.


Your Smile


There’s nothing more beautiful than natural smiles. That’s why it is critical to take care of your oral health. It’s not sufficient just to brush your teeth twice a day; you also need to floss between your teeth at least once a week and use mouthwash to prevent infections. If you take that extra 5 minutes in the morning to clean your teeth deeply, you will see a huge improvement in your smile.


Hair Care


Your hair can be your greatest accessory. Whether you have long red locks or a glossy bob, looking after your hair is something which can impact your appearance and confidence hugely. If you take the time to apply oil to your ends each night before bed, and sleep with your hair in a braid, you will see a massive improvement to your hair’s health and appearance. You can make a hair oil at home by combining any of the following oils:


  • Macadamia Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Avocado Oil


By applying a small amount of oil to your hair each day, you prevent split ends and strengthen your hair.


Stop Comparing Yourself


When you scroll through Instagram and see countless bikini-clad women on your screen, it can be easy to look at yourself and put down your own appearance. But remember, we are all built differently, and you can make simple changes to your lifestyle if you want to feel more confident and fit.


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Do’s And Don’ts For Makeup Lighting

Everyone hates it when they do their makeup, decide it looks great, and then walk past another mirror later on and notices a foundation line on their chin, or that their contour is less than perfect. The right lighting when applying your makeup could be the difference between looking flawless and looking patchy, so you have to get it right. If you just follow these simple do’s and don’ts, you should be just fine.

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Can You Really Afford a Gap Year?

Mia and Maddi are my 2 best friends. I’ve known them since nursery and we’ve gone through all of school together. When I left sixth form to get my apprenticeship they both stayed in a school and finished their A-levels. When results day rolled round it was announced that they would both be leaving for University in September.

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Denim: a fit guide



Jeans are a wardrobe classic. They might have been thrown to the back of your wardrobe over summer as denim shorts took the throne, but they are making a strong come back for autumn/winter 2017.

If your anything like me, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be somewhat of a struggle. Womenswear designer Ralph Lauren is here to help to guide us through these seasons trends and shapes.

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What to expect from an apprenticeship


Me and school never really agreed with each other. Endless detentions because my skirt was too short or my nails were painted, teachers who have no idea what they’re talking about and being told how clever I was based on an unreasonable exam. Don’t get me wrong, I loved primary school and up until year 9 I was a model student (mostly). But when the hormones kicked in and I was more interested in spending times with my friends, school was  my last priority. I did, however, achieve 4 A’S, 2B’s and a C in my GCSES.

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The Ultimate festival check list.



T minus 3 sleeps until I’ll be entering the magical land that is Cream fields. I’m not even going to lie, I’m pretty anxious about going. 3 days of alcohol, sun and amazing music doesn’t sound bad? Well I’m thinking about the uncomfortable camping surrounded by thousands of intoxicated ravers and portable toilets.

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So What’s Stopping You Taking That Next Trip?



At the minute i feel like I’m stopping myself from going on that amazing round the world trip I’ve always dreamed of. I’m 18 years old, surely there shouldn’t be anything stopping me, isn’t it horrible when stuff gets in the way of you doing things that you really want, like travelling the world or taking a trip with the girls?  Why is it that it always seems to be easier and more sensible to say no, when these opportunities arise, is it really the best course of action? 

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Everything You Need For a DIY Spa Night




A trip to the spa is the ultimate luxury to many of us. The pampering aromas and soft tunes have us drifting away to somewhere calm and peaceful, where all that matters is to breathe and relax. Unfortunately, the experience is expensive and not exactly our everyday indulgence; learn to do it yourself, however, and enjoy a spa session whenever you feel like it. Invite your friends over, treat your bae to a soothing treatment – or just put your feet up and enjoy it yourself.

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The Little Touches To Make You Dazzle On A Girl’s Night Out


Whether it’s a Friday or Saturday night out, dancing with your besties, or you’re all off to an event or celebration; sometimes, getting ready is the best part. You’ll want to look and feel your best so you can enter a place with confidence, enjoy your evening, and get some Instagram-worthy snaps on your phone. Aside from your dress, jumpsuit, or playsuit; the accessory details and final touches will play a huge part in how you look and feel as a whole. Therefore, it’s worth spending some time to consider what you’re going to enhance your clothing with (it’s also a great reason to do some online shopping). The following are some ideas for those who want to give their Friday night attire a boost.

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It’s time to tackle my skin.




I’ve always suffered with bad skin and its time I did something about it and took my skincare routine more seriously.When it comes to your skincare, you can often feel like there’s a lot to take in. And that’s kind of because there is. Not only do you have to make sure that your skin is healthy, but you have to work with your skin type to keep it in good shape. From pre and post party skincare prep to keeping a youthful glow, there’s a lot of different skincare advise that you can see from time to time. But right now, there’s only one kind that matters, and that’s making sure that your skin is summer ready. Right now, your skin needs a lot of care, so let’s look at the ways you can look after your skin in summer.

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